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Wireless Ethernet is a high-speed internet connectivity service that delivers performance and reliability. The service is designed to support organisations with demanding network connectivity requirements


It is a symmetric internet service; enabling high speed uploads and downloads. In addition, Wireless Ethernet services can be readily deployed as a temporary service and scaled to suit changing requirements


Wireless ethernet services provide an ideal network foundation for businesses with –

High demand for fast and reliable internet
Cloud based applications like Dropbox and G-Suite/Office 365
IP Telephony
Remote Desktop Services and Applications



Wireless Ethernet has been designed in conjunction with leading industry standards and protocols to ensure that your organisation’s network is protected from malicious network attacks and unauthorised users.


High Bandwidth and Superior Performance

Unlike ADSL, 3G or 4G internet connectivity, Wireless Ethernet is not limited to a upload speed of 1Mbps. Wireless Ethernet provides download and upload rates of up to 100Mbps


Symmetrical Service

Wireless Ethernet services are symmetrical, meaning that they have the same download and upload rates. Symmetrical services are essential for businesses that utilise upload bandwidth for Private Networks, Terminal Services, IP Telephony, File Sharing, Internal Intranets and Remote Worker Support


SymmetrTraffic Prioritisation – (QOS)

Optimise and prioritise different types of data passing through your network. Wireless Ethernet improves network performance and reliability for business-critical applications



PCFIXIT is a Fixed Wireless Agent for

Wires Broadband ( Residential & Commercial ) 

Cirrus Communications ( Commercial ) 

If your wanting to upgrade your Home or Business Internet from Slow ADSL to a Fixed Wireless connection talk to the team at PCFIXIT on 07 5522 1120 or send us an email 


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