Slow WiFi destroying your life?

Slow WiFi destroying your life?

A common complaint these days is “why is my network so slow” … which, since most people are using wifi to connect their computer or tablet, can be translated to “why is my wireless network so slow?”

There are three typical reasons for experiencing “slow” connections on a wireless network:

  • Wireless interference
  • Distance from access point (AP)
  • Access point overload

The modern home network is overworked, under appreciated and often misunderstood. The average Australian home now has over 13 devices running on a router designed for 3-4 devices no wonder buffering is killing our souls every night!

What’s to blame for this crazy state of affairs?

An example of saturated Wi-Fi airspace (2.4Ghz)

An example of saturated Wi-Fi airspace (2.4Ghz)

For starters most homes are given a basic free modem router when signing up. Remember that old saying “Nothing good is free?” This is especially true for WiFi networking. The modem router given is a ‘good enough’ device. Just good enough to get you online and offer a so-so WiFi experience for a few devices close to the router. Awesome for 10 years ago when 4K video streaming on Netflix was a pipe dream and you waited overnight for a dodgy quality video to download!

How do I fix this travesty?

Put the ‘good enough’ modem router in the cupboard or bin depending on how spiteful you are and let’s get a better solution. Choosing the perfect solution can be confusing but that’s what I’m here for and believe me it’ll be worth the investment! With great new WiFi technology becoming more affordable you can say goodbye to buffering, lag and wifi dead spots and hello to perfect streaming bliss where buffering is a dirty word and dead spots are a thing of the past!

Let PCFIXIT implement a customised solution for your Wireless Coverage. We can design a Mesh Wireless network which provides uninterrupted coverage throughout your Home or Business.

symmetrical long range

Unifi AP

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