Wireless Networking

We live in a world where WiFi is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. PCFIXIT can help you with your wireless networking solutions at your home or for your business.

Our Gold Coast Wireless Networking Services Include:

  • Design the best wireless solution for your needs
  • Installation and configuration
  • Create wireless networks between buildings
  • Create networks between your office equipment
  • Create a wireless solution that will cater to guests, clients or customers
  • Create voucher based or automatic payment systems

PCFIXIT uses Ubiquiti, a wireless networking service that connects millions of people across the world. Using Ubiquiti allows us to offer you customised wireless solutions at competitive prices.
When it comes to wireless networking PCFIXIT understand that there is nothing more important than a fast and reliable system. This is why our brilliant and experienced Gold Coast team take the time to help custom design your wireless networking service for you.
You can come and see us at our Gold Coast location or you can organise for us to come to your home or business. Once we’ve helped custom design your new wireless networking service for you, we can organise and implement installation and configuration, seeing the processes through from conception to completion.

Once Your Gold Coast Wireless Solutions Are Sorted, We Can Help You With So Much More!

Once we’ve helped you create, install and configure your wireless networking system, we can then manage that system for you. We also have devised anti spam and antivirus systems that will help protect your wireless networking service. It doesn’t stop there. We also have a cloud backup system in place that helps protect your important business data and precious personal files.
PCFIXIT understands that when your wireless networking system is backed by a reputable system, protected through anti spam and antivirus systems and insured by cloud back up systems, your business will be able to run at its best.
A business itself, PCFIXIT appreciate that a good wireless networking service is the backbone of communication and productivity within any organisation. If its peace of mind you’re after, for yourself or your clients, contact PCFIXIT and we can get to designing the wireless networking service that will take your business to the next level.
Come and see us on the Gold Coast or contact us to find out more.

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