Pros and Cons of cloud data backup technologies

Pros and Cons of cloud data backup technologies

Cloud data backup systems are the most popular at present. Using cloud data backup doesn’t include the risk of physical damage of the hardware based data backup systems, is scalable and has ease of access.

The pros of cloud data backup are:

  • Easy access

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access your cloud data from anywhere, anytime. Whether you are using mobile devices or a computer, it won’t make a difference. Cloud backup works best in case if you have any important data that only limited personnel can access.

  • Efficiency and reliability

The service providers of cloud data backup systems keep updating their hardware and software features on a regular basis. By outsourcing cloud data back up to such a company, you no longer have to worry about the hardware and software upgrades, maintenance costs etc.  It increases efficiency, reliability and gives you extra time to invest in your business.

  • Quick recovery time for small amount of data

Cloud backup allows quick recovery unlike other backup systems, as it do not include physically locating the data. The recovered data can be located and streamed using the internet connection in no time.

There are some cons too, such as:

  • Size limitations

The right amount of bandwidth is needed to back up large amount of data. Without that data backup service get limited for the organization.

  • Recovery might be time consuming

Although small amount of data can be recovered in no time, full recovery is quite time consuming when it comes to the cloud backup system.

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