How to get a spam free mailbox

How to get a spam free mailbox

It does not need more elaboration how annoying and infuriating spam e-mails are for us, because everyone gets them as soon as logging in to the mailbox. No matter how many times you delete them, they manage to reappear the next day.

Want some tips and tricks to avoid unnecessary emails in your inbox? Here you go:

Block them directly

If you notice some spam emails from the same addresses every time you log in, you can block them. There should be an option to filter and block addresses under the settings option in your email account. Unless the spammers use a different email address to send the same emails, you won’t get these e-mails again.

Report spam

Just select the spam emails and click on report spam and voila! All the spam emails go to a different folder, even when new ones come in they do not crowd your inbox.

Don’t use your real address to sign up everywhere

Signing up in different website using a junk email address is another great idea to avoid spam. Just create a separate account for signing up everywhere instead of using your real address or work address that you use to communicate with friends, family and colleagues.

Use spam filters

Most email platforms have a feature that allows different inboxes, helping to separate your emails by importance or sender. Pick recurring keyword from the spam emails you get, and then enter the words and phrases in the filter, hit save. Now emails containing those keywords will not infest your inbox anymore!

Unsubscribe, but be cautious!

If a particular recurring email is annoying to you, there is an option to unsubscribe from this kind of emails. But before hitting unsubscribe, make sure you actually subscribed to the mail in the first place. If there are emails you are sure to have never subscribed, do not click on the unsubscribe link. It is a trick for scammers to make sure yours is an active email address to bombard you with more junk emails! In that case, use any of the tricks mentioned above.

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