How to Recover your Files from Windows 10 October Update?

How to Recover your Files from Windows 10 October Update?

Windows 10 October 1809 Build Windows Update – Should you Install it? – Will it Delete My Files? – How to Recover My Files After?

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A new Windows update is out.  It’s the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, or known as version 1809.  Twice a year, Microsoft rolls out a chock-full of installs in its updates which is known as the twice a year major Windows updates.  From experience, we have a lot of clients contacting us with either the blue screen of death or on their 25th hour of still waiting for the Windows updates to finish.

Should I even install this Windows 10 October Windows Update?

Well, the short and long answer is No!

If you’ve heard the rumor that this update is literally deleting files, well, the rumor is true.  Microsoft has actually pulled a mulligan by totally removing it from its Windows Updates site.  So, if it is floating on your computer, don’t install it.  Yes, it can absolutely delete your files.

To be safe, do not install any Windows updates in the month of October for 2018.

I know that sounds pretty extreme, but you don’t want to lose your files, do you?

If you’re one of the victims of the October 2018 Update, we have experience recovering deleted files from this mess of an update.

Give the team at PCFIXIT a Call right away if you’ve been a victim of Build 1809 as any further work done on your computer could jeopardise data recovery efforts.

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