New PC/Mac Setup

Set up new computer

Just leave your computer in the box and leave the rest to us.  We’ll make sure it is Internet and email ready.  We’ll also transfer your old files over.  Need a quick how-to?  No problem.  You’ll get a tutorial so you’re comfortable with the new system.

New computer set-up includes:

    • New Laptop/Desktop Setup (Windows).
    • Installation & 1st time setup.
    • Email Configuration.
    • Printer / Scanner Configuration.
    • Backup Setup For workstation If Needed*.
    • Including basic App installation e.g. Ms Office, Adobe Reader, WinZip.
    • All Licenses will be provided by customer.

Prefer to have a house call or office visit?

Sure, we do that too, and do it well we might add.  We started out providing onsite computer service for homes and offices so we are onsite new computer set-up experts.  You may have a heavy desktop computer or have a lot of different customizations you’d like to set up at your location.  Whatever the reason, sometimes, it is easier to have one of our new PC and Mac setup techs come to you.  We’ll get your new computer up and running, transfer over your old computer files, set up your printer, email, phone, peripherals, and network/internet settings.