Managed IT Services

Instead of fumbling through systems and processes, put your trust in someone who can take care the of IT side of your business for you. At PCFIXIT we employ IT experts so you can focus on your business and the things your clients rely on you for.

PCFIXIT Gold Coast Managed IT Services Include:

  • Help Desk
  • Cloud Storage
  • Managed Backups
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Changed Management
  • Business Community/Disaster Recovery
  • Systems Security
  • Systems Management
  • Systems Monitoring

When you are running your business, the days disappear and before you know it, it’s the weekend. PCFIXIT know that when it comes to managing your IT services, it can be easy to let the IT side of things fall down your priority list. But, when your IT services aren’t being tended to, you put your whole system at risk.

Having PCFIXIT as your IT service provider means that you don’t even have to worry about your IT services. They do everything for you. When you combine your expertise and business services with our expertise and IT services you will be setting your business up for success. PCFIXIT’s IT services are available to you at a fixed monthly price that costs far less than hiring an onsite IT manager.

When PCFIXIT Looks After Your IT Services, Your Risk Of IT Failure Declines!

Any IT service is always at risk of crashing, losing data and failure. When PCFIXIT looks after your IT services, the risk of these things happening to your IT services decreases. PCFIXIT act as guardians, making sure that all your IT services are updated, free from viruses, backed up and running smoothly. Think about all the spare time you’ll have, not having to worry about these integral IT services!

Sometimes unforeseen problems arise, and when this happens, the skilled and expert PCFIXIT team make it their priority to have any IT service issues sorted out efficiently. In the circumstance of an IT crash or failure, PCFIXIT can also help you with any data you may have lost. PCFIXIT has advanced equipment that allows us to carry out expert data recovery methods.

Whether you are just getting started, or your business has been around for years, come in and see us on the Gold Coast. Contact us and we’ll organise a time for us to come to you.

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