What’s Your Earliest Memory Of Using A Computer?

What’s Your Earliest Memory Of Using A Computer?

What’s Your Earliest Memory Of Using A Computer?

Recently we had an 18 Yr Old PC in for a Service – Intel Pentium III 600MHz with 1.5Gb of SDRAM with 2 x 10GB SCSI Hard Drives…


18 Yr Old PC - PIII 600 - PCFIXIT

18 Yr Old PC – PIII 600 – PCFIXIT


As the Owner of PCFIXIT my first meeting with a PC was back with the Microbee


We all use computers every day, but at some moment in each of our lives, there was that first meeting. A first interface, if you will. You might not remember the real first time you used a computer, but there’s got to be one shining gem of nostalgia that sticks out in your mind. What is it? When you look back on it now, is it laughable or just plain awesome? What was your first time like?


With Technology moving so quickly when is too old for your PC?

When is it time for a computer upgrade? How old is too old…

For Business Use we normally recommend a lifespan of 3-4Yrs to ensure maximum uptime and productivity from your staff, so often staff are waiting cause their PC is older and slow hindering them from working faster.

We can provide you an Audit of your Business I.T and age of PC’s and infrastructure such as Internet and WiFi etc.

 Business owners fail to see the need to invest in their infrastructure such as faster PC’s and faster Internet, but once we’re able to educate them to the improvement of productivity by implementing newer technology and faster internet they are happy to invest in their Business IT.


If you’d like to organise an I.T Audit for your Business, give our team a call on 07 55221120 or via our Contact Us Page

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