When is it time for a computer upgrade? How old is too old…

When is it time for a computer upgrade? How old is too old…

When is it time for a computer upgrade?

Time to Upgrade your PC

Is Your PC or Mac is chugging along like a slow train. I think I can. I think I can.  Is it time to retire your slow but steady computer?  How do you know when it’s time to part ways with your loyal machine?

Yes, you can ride out your old wildebeast of a computer, but maybe it’s time to call it quits.  Maybe your computer is holding you back in productivity.  Or security?  Or stability?

Here to know when it is time for a computer upgrade?

Your computer is too slow.

Yup, that’s an obvious one.  But, if it’s too slow to keep up with normal Internet browser requests and emails, well, then, your computer is becoming obsolete before your eyes.  Don’t let normal computer IT tasks prevent your overall productivity.  Time to upgrade!

You can’t upgrade the latest software.

If your computer is telling you that you cannot install or upgrade to the latest Adobe, Safari, iTunes, or other apps, well, that means your operating system is too ancient and it’s time to upgrade.

Most common cause is clients with iOS devices not being able to perform backups/upgrades due to iTunes being too old.

Your computer can’t upgrade the latest Windows updates or Mac operating system.

Well, this may be two-fold.  One, maybe you need a Windows update repair or Mac operating system repair to fix this.  Otherwise, your operating system may be too old to install the latest operating system which spells U-P-G-R-A-D-E!

We still get machines running Windows XP & Vista… Both Obsolete, with Windows 7 dropping support in 2020,

I think you catch the drift here.  If your computer can’t handle the present-day installations or is painfully-slow, it’s time to make the move and upgrade.  Now, if your system is a vintage model, and can’t be upgraded economically, We’d recommend getting a new computer.  But, if your computer is still under 4-5 years old, there’s a chance some part upgrades, such as a hard drive upgrade and RAM upgrade, will get your computer out of the grave to work well again.  To decide whether to upgrade or replace your computer, give our Team a call on 1300 930 179 or make an appointment to come into our Office in Burleigh Heads

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