Laptop Upgrades Gold Coast – Speed up your Laptop

Laptop Upgrades Gold Coast – Speed up your Laptop

Laptop Upgrades Gold Coast – Speed up your Laptop

Samsung EVO850 SSD Upgrade Laptop Upgrades Gold Coast

Samsung EVO850 SSD Upgrade

We recently had a business client call because of a really slow laptop they where using for their business. The user when turned the laptop on would have to wait so long for the computer to boot, they would have enough time to go and make a coffee and by then the windows screen would appear! Sound familiar? A slow computer or laptop can be so frustrating and not too mention time consuming to just complete the simplest of tasks.

Upon our assessment over the phone just by asking a few questions, we could recommend a couple of things to do without even looking at the laptop. Generally things that slow a computer down, apart from background running programs, is not having enough RAM (Random Access Memory) low grade CPU (Which you cannot upgrade) and the older HDD type SATA hard drives, that over time can cause the slowness.

Existing configuration:

Client laptop: Toshiba L50
RAM (Memory Installed): 4 GB
Hard Drive: 750GB 5400rpm
What we upgraded:

We upgraded the Laptop with a Samsung 250GB SSD (Solid state Drive) 850 EVO.
We added some more RAM with another 1x4GB 12800S DDR3.
We cleaned up some unnecessary programs that where contributors.
Its new performance was “unbelievable“, as stated by our customers reaction to the newly upgraded laptop. Our client laptop is now booting up in just seconds, about 5-6 Seconds to be precise, and the opening of applications once logged into windows provides instant responses, Outlook, Google Chrome, MYOB and Office applications take just a second.

If you are living on the Gold Coast and would like to talk to us about upgrading your laptop, we can help definitely help. You can make a Booking Online via our website or call on 1300 930 179

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