Your Hard Drive has a lifespan, and is a ticking time bomb.

Failing Hard Drive

Your Hard Drive has a lifespan, and is a ticking time bomb.

Noticed your Computer is feeling a little sluggish? It could be a sign your Hard Drive is failing.

We commonly see clients come to us when their machine isn’t booting or is running extremely slowly, typically we find that their Hard Drive is teetering on the edge of failure, but most clients just think their computer is running OK.

Data Recovery

Failed Drive with Damaged Platter

Your Hard Drive has a lifespan, and is a ticking time bomb.

Whether its a Traditional HDD or a Solid State HDD all Hard Drives wear over time.

Have you ever considered your hard drive lifespan?  If not, read on. It might surprise you.

You’ve been using your carefully chosen PC for a couple of years now, and have experienced no problems at all.

The warranty has just run out but as things are working well, there are no funny noises when you boot it up and it doesn’t seem to have slowed down at all, you’re happy.

But, while things are working well at two years old, you might want to consider the fact that the average lifespan for a PC’s hard drive has dropped to around 4-6 years.

Laptops we are typically replacing the Hard Drive at between 2-3 Years, mainly due to laptop manufacturers cutting corners to price their products into a pricing bracket, therefore rubber mounts and padding seen in previous model are being cut out to save cost, but leaving your Hard drive more susceptible to knocks and bumps causing failures.

Backing up your Data

Data backup is still seen as chore with most clients going “Oh yeah i backed it up recently” Recently normally being somewhere between 3-6 Months and most times only when they remembered to plug in their external hard drive… We recommend to our clients Offsite Cloud Backup, this allows the end user to select what they want backed up and it is encrypted and compressed and uploaded to the Cloud Provider, for our residential customers we recommend CrashPlan or BackBlaze. 

Our team can guide you through the purchase and configuration of these products for ensuring your data is backed up.

In reality, regular and appropriate backing up of your hard drive should be something you do regardless of how old your PC is. And, you should always be vigilant where your hard drive is concerned, any unusual sound or function should be promptly investigated.

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