Speed up your PC like no software program or tool can!

Speed up your PC like no software program or tool can!

Speed up your PC like no software program or tool can!

The following sounds outrageous but have an open mind.
Solid State drives are like a new revolution in computing performance.

Swap out the Convention Hard Disk Drive HDD (internal spinning disk) for a Solid State Drive SSD (totally electronic – no moving parts) on any Computer, even an 8-year-old PC and performance & response times will more than double*. 

SSDs are many many times faster than conventional HDDs. They don’t risk damage from sudden movement or dropping of a laptop for example as there are no moving parts so files are safer.

The catch is you sacrifice drive size for performance and they are costly.

This is a worthy investment to make using your PC and doing business a pleasure, also it is a recoverable part, meaning if your laptop breaks in the future, you can most likely remove the SSD and install it in a new Laptop or Desktop to speed it up.

Should you decide to go ahead, we can try to clone an exact image of your old HDD onto the new SSD. That way you carry on as before, no re-installation of Windows or programs.

Pricing from $285 Inc. GST for a 250GB SSD + Clone/Image ( Based on PC Desktop/Laptop )

If you want to turn the HDD we take out of your PC into an external drive, add $26.00

Give the Team @ PCFIXIT a call and we can provide a price to suit your Data Storage requirements, and we can even upgrade your MacBook Pro and iMac with an SSD

(Additional costs for MacBook Pro & iMac SSD Upgrades due to Apple Proprietary interfaces/Complexity to Dismantle iMacs)


Your Hard Drive has a lifespan, and is a ticking time bomb.

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