Slow NBN Connection – Peak Hour Congestion

Slow NBN Connection – Peak Hour Congestion

A little more info about the NBN™

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Finding your NBN Connection slow? Peak hour congestion.

What is it?

With lots of people jumping on the NBN™ network, sometimes things can get a little congested. In this blog we help you to understand Peak Hour Congestion.

Think of the NBN™ network as a multi-lane highway. Each separate RSP (your internet provider) is able to purchase ‘lanes’ of traffic on the highway. Much similar to the roads in the bigger cities, if everyone jumps on at 5-6PM, the road will become congested. Your RSP, providing they care about your experience, should have enough ‘lanes’ purchased for everyone to use the road at the same time with no blockages. Peak hour congestion is usually an issue from about 6-9PM, most weeknights.

Here are some hot tips to make sure you don’t get stuck in the slowdown!

– Cheap internet providers will usually have a lot less bandwidth provided, selling oversubscribed connections. They do this because they offer cheap internet, and only make a small amount per customer, so the need to pay for upgrades is usually overlooked

– Providers that offer UNLIMITED internet connections. As good as it sounds, nothing is truly unlimited. Some internet providers will have certain terms and conditions that will slow your connection speed during peak hours. Unlimited providers are the most prone to congestion, as most customers see this as a challenge and max out their connection, slowing down everyone’s services.

Don’t fall into a slowdown with cheap and nasty internet providers, in the end, you will get what you pay for.

Another issue where finding clients are experiencing is poor quality NBN Routers, resulting in poor Wireless Coverage throughout your Home or Business, We’ve noticed a heavy uptake of our commercial wireless solutions to rectify wireless coverage issues.

Finding the thought of changing over to the NBN daunting?  PCFIXIT is here to provide the advice to find you the best solution based on your budget and requirements. From our experience with different RSP’s we’re able to provide insight into things like Faults, Support, etc.

You can make a booking online via our website 24/7 for an appointment that suits you –

Or give us a call on 07 5522 1120 and we’ll be able to help you understand the NBN.



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