Netgear routers under threat, experts warn

Netgear routers under threat, experts warn

Security experts warn owners of specific models of Netgear routers to discontinue their use, as they are vulnerable to a simple hack.

Netgear Routers

Netgear recently reported that  according to end users, various router models such as R7000, R6400, and R8000, are vulnerable to hackings, and other models such as R7000P, R7500, R7800, R8500 R9000 are already being affected by them. This Friday, a researcher reported that a critical bug in the hardware is allowing attackers to run commands  from remote, as privileged users, so that they can access a user’s LAN and also change their network DNS settings.

Netgear has not issued a public fix yet but has reported the vulnerability in the R8000, R7000, and R6400 router models.

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