When did you last check your Backups?

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When did you last check your Backups?


Have you ever lost data? It can be a real pain.

When was the last time you verified your Backups – Is your Computer Backup actually backing up your data.

PCFIXIT Cloud Backup is easy to setup, easy on the wallet and comes with built in file retention, Depending on your existing IT backup strategy, PCFIXIT recommend implementing Cloud Backup as an add on if you have server imaging such as Acronis or Shadow Protect. If you don’t have a server or you just want files backed up, Cloud Backup is an ideal replacement to tapes or hard disk drive rotation. It is far cheaper and you can recover data that is much older.  PCFIXIT Cloud Backup is also useful for Disaster Recovery, if you loose your server or your office, you can get access to your data via a web page and or download it to a new server or computer.

Many people have a “set it and forget it” mindset when it comes to computer backups. Even after you establish a regimen, however, it’s critical that you check the target folders periodically to ensure the proper files are being backed up. If not, re-configure your backup routine to make sure it’s working properly.

If you would like us to come and review your backup strategy or install PCFIXIT Cloud Backup, please Contact Us  we can provide an On-premise backup facility or a Cloud/Off Premise solution to suit your requirements.

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