Should I go with managed IT services or as-needed computer repair service for my office?

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Should I go with managed IT services or as-needed computer repair service for my office?

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Good question indeed! Let me paint the picture. You have an office full of computers, maybe a server, and some printers and scanners. You have an office-full of staff, possibly a dude who thinks he’s a computer geek and then a dozen or so luddites.

What kind of computer support strategy should you look for as the best computer service support for your growing company? More directly, should you go with managed IT services which is a flat fee monthly arrangement? Or just go with as-needed computer repair service? The difference is big. With managed IT services, you pay a flat fee, one-size fits all for your computer services. This is good if you want to cap your budget, but of course you may be paying for a premium for that cap. As per as-needed services, this is just how it sounds, whenever you need it. It is also referred to break-fix computer repair or onsite company computer service. You’ll pay a cost when you need it and depending on the computer repair provider, it may be same day or in a few days.

To get to your answer, you’ll need to answer a few questions.

* Do you have more than one computer issue per day? If so, go with managed IT services.

* No real techs in your office and have constant IT questions? If yes, go with managed IT services.

* Have a lot of IT questions or little projects? Managed IT services is for you.

* Have less than 10 users? You may be in line for just as-needed IT requests.

* Do you need help just when computers and equipment physically break down? Go with as-needed break-fix computer repair.

* Have real techs in your office? Maybe you’ll just need the big guns come in when needed.

* What’s your preference? At the end of the day, as-needed may be the more budget-friendly IT solution for you. But, if you have a company that cannot afford to be down for long, then managed IT services is for you to prevent future IT issues.

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