How to get rid of crapware on your PC?

Bloatware on New PC's, slow computer, slow laptop, speed up computer

How to get rid of crapware on your PC?

Bloatware on PC's

Bloatware on PC’s

Crapware!  Doesn’t it feel good to say that word?  Crapware!  Crapware!  Crapware!  Okay, enough with the shenanigans.  Although it’s a fun-sounding word, it’s not fun to have this crap on your PC.

First of all, what is crapware?  Crapware, also known as bloatware, is the crap that comes along with buying a new PC.  Okay, okay.  The technical definition is that it is the manufacturer-installed software or third-party software that is already installed on your new PC setup.  This could be a Dell backup software, games, or anti-virus trial.  This stuff really slows up your PC and is typically unnecessary.  So, you’ll want to remove it to create space and more speed.

So, how can you get rid of crapware on your PC?

  1. You can take a shortcut and run PC Decrapifier although I’m not a fan of loading crap to get rid of crap.
  2. Take the sure step.  Go to your Control Panel or Settings -> System->Apps & Features and uninstall Games, trial software, and just stuff that looks like it doesn’t belong.
  3. Not content with that?  The next step is to reinstall Windows while you haven’t loaded any files.  Don’t just restore your computer or else it will contain the same crapware.  You’ll need to get a Microsoft operating system DVD or have a local Windows operating install repair shop take care of this for you.  We have a lot of customers coming in to ask for this so they can start off with a clean slate.  This is the best bet to be clear from all crapware from the folders and registry of your computer.

Our Team can undertake this task onsite or remotely via Teamviewer, give our Office a call on 1300 930 179 or Book a Time online via our website.

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