Email Hosting – Office 365/G-Suite

PCFIXIT has a range of email hosting options available.  Feel free to visit us at our Gold Coast location or we can come to you, and discuss which of our email hosting solutions will best suit your needs. Whether you are seeking something basic or seeking an enterprise email solution, PCFIXIT can help.

Our Gold Coast Email Hosting Services Include:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Email Hosting
  • Google G-Suite


An email hosting service allows you to send emails using your own domain that you already own through your website. When it comes to owning your own domain name, some web hosting services often provide you with an email hosting service as well. For those who don’t, PCFIXIT can fill the gap and provide you with one of the options listed above.

Having the same domain name and email to match, takes your company’s professional presence and web presence to the next level. Using general email hosting servers are fine for personal use, but when it comes to your business, your business name or domain name should be included in your email. If you think about it, it’s almost another form of advertising. You want your business name to be seen in as many places as possible, so why not make it part of your email!

There is so much more to email hosting than you realise!

PCFIXIT understand owning a business means you need to be able to rely on the products and services you use. We also understand the more that product or service can do for you, the better!  Our Gold Coast Email hosting is so much more than just a system that matches your email name to your domain name. When you use an email hosting service, you are also giving yourself peace of mind.

The informed PCFIXIT team can give you access to email hosting services that manage your email for you. These email hosting services also offer a range of extras that will help you run your business better. These extras can include calendars, folder management, autoresponders and more.

If you want to take your business to the next level, contact PCFIXIT to see what we can do for you.

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