Data Recovery

When it comes to computers there is really nothing worse than losing the files that are integral to your business or person life. When your computer crashes or files disappear, it can be a very stressful situation.

PCFIXIT Gold Coast Can Help You With Data Recovery If The Following Situations Occur.

  • Data corruption from a failed hard drive or failing hard drive,
  • Data loss due to accidentally deleting files and/or
  • Data loss from a dead hard drive.

If one of the following situations above does occur, your next step should be to call PCFIXIT. You can arrange to visit us at our Gold Coast location or we can come to you. There is no need to stress or panic. PCFIXIT are here to help!

We can assist with data recovery, as well as computer repairs, all in one visit. Think of us as your one stop shop when it comes to data recovery services and computer repairs.

PCFIXIT has experienced and efficient staff who know how to get the job done. They also have access to specialist data recovery equipment, that has the ability to delve into the depths of your hard drive, when other recovery methods fail.

There may be circumstances where PCFIXIT’s data recovery processes just don’t work, but you can be assured that the capable Gold Coast team will do everything they can to assist you in retrieving that precious data.

What Is The Best Solution For Data Recovery?

Data loss can occur when a virus infiltrates your hard drive, when your hardware gets damaged, when files are deleted by accident and when power outages happen.  Every computer is vulnerable to data loss.

The best solution for data recovery, apart from having the proficient PCFIXIT team on speed dial, is to use our cloud backup system. If you truly want peace of mind you should ask us about what our cloud backup system can do for your business and your personal computers.

When you are a PCFIXIT client you can be assured that whatever your PC & Mac repair needs or data recovery needs, we will be there. Being a part of the IT industry, we understand just how important your computer files and data are to you. We will always do our best to recover your data and carry out computer repairs that will have your system running at its best.

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